Vito Gervasi


Prototype Lab Manager

Vito Gervasi is our M-WERC Prototype Lab Manager, overseeing lab-related activities, equipment and safety. Mr. Gervasi offers start-ups and entrepreneurs tips and advise on how to develop their new products and how to use the lab equipment to create prototypes and reduce their development time.


Mr. Gervasi is a highly experienced manufacturing and mechanical engineer with more than 25 years in 3D-printing, new product development, design for AM, and leadership. He is an inventor of multiple manufacturing processes and devices and provides consulting for a range of new product development projects and has been a co-developer on numerous other products and processes.


Vito has been a PI and CO-PI, coordinator and/or lead engineer on numerous research programs and new product development activities. He was also the Director of R&D, RPR for the Milwaukee School of Engineering where he directed all RPR research projects and new product development activities. He is skilled at initiating and running short to long-term research and new product development programs.


Vito is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering holding a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, respectfully. Vito is also a USAF Veteran.

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