Energy Innovation Center

M-WERC started to expand its presence in Energy Innovation Center during 2017

A new phase of expansion and build-out at M-WERC’s headquarters, known as the Energy Innovation Center, will continue into 2018. The facility is designed to co-locate companies focused on the energy sector, where efforts will now focus on the second floor of the building.

The second floor buildout activity will further the development of the Energy Innovation Center as a regional hub for the energy industries, by establishing facilities and a collaborative ecosystem for:

•               Industry and academic research

•               Entrepreneurs and start-up company technology innovators

•               Economic development organizations

•               Energy sector talent and workforce development

To support the WERCBench Labs program, an initial build-out of a second floor Lab and Prototyping space was completed in late 2017. The new space is targeted for occupancy by WERCBench Labs program participants and other tenants starting in 2018. This space allows tenants to work on their products in an area near their classes and with other entrepreneurs.

Through the establishment of this lab, and future labs to be added in the coming years, the Energy Innovation Center will enable M-WERC to support our members and the growth of the energy sector