M-WERC Executives visit ClearFlame Engines at Argonne  

 M-WERC Executives visit ClearFlame Engines at Argonne  

 Last March ClearFlame Engines took first place and won $10,000 during WERCBench Labs fourth annual demo day at the Energy Innovation Center in Milwaukee. 

Established by Julie Blumreiter and B.J. Johnson, ClearFlame’s engine allows for a 40 percent carbon reduction, 90 percent cheaper operating cost and 10 percent lower fuel costs. Now, big manufacturers like Cummins and John Deere have signed on to their grant applications because of the promise their technology demonstrates.

“There’s already a compelling economic value proposition for our solution,” said Johnson, whose company is located in Illinois.

The WERCBench Labs Accelerator 16-week program included startup companies in the energy, power, and controls sector. Based on the “Lean Start-Up” Curriculum, the program identifies new entrepreneurs in the energy and engineering space and accelerates them to achieve success. Businesses learn customer discovery, work their business model and value propositions, financial strategies, and legal and accounting methods appropriate for their business. The program concludes with investor readiness training.

M-WERC CEO Alan Perlstein and John Bobrowich, Director of Market and Industry Development recently met with ClearFlame Engines founders to deliver their check.

According to their website, ClearFlame is grounded in technology developed during university-based scientific studies in Palo Alto. The ClearFlame combustion process has been validated using nearly $2M in grant funding. Leading researchers and scientific organizations have enthusiastically embraced the potential of this technology.

 The ClearFlame team continues to be located in the Chicago area and is part of the first cohort of the Chain Reaction Innovations program at Argonne National Laboratory. 

Josh Morby