Working group partnership leads to outcomes from City of Milwaukee

More than a year ago M-WERC co-hosted a smart cities conference and stakeholder workshop bringing together members of the public and private sectors. 

 The workshop led to the creation of a high-level smart city framework and the creation of M-WERC’s Smart Cities Technology working group. 

Collaborating with members of the working group (which included industry experts, City of Milwaukee officials, M-WERC Staff and program partner Nutter Consulting) the group helped create a smart cities technology guide for the City of Milwaukee. The guide helped outline key opportunities for smart technology implementation in Milwaukee including water conservation energy efficiency and security, smart mobility and citizen engagement. The final report “Smart Tech Milwaukee” gave strategies and recommendations for a multi-disciplinary smart cities program. 

“We’re excited about the progress we’ve seen through our Smart Cities Technology Working Group,” said Chet Kolodzieij, who helps lead the working group. “It’s impressive to see how M-WERC’s leadership, going back to the kick off the conference nearly two years ago led to the successful effort to create and deliver to the city a report of recommendations, to this month when the City issued an RPF for smart kiosks along the Streetcar line.”

For more information about the RFP for Smart Kiosks check out the following link at the City of Milwaukee.

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