Industrial Energy Efficiency and Energy Water Nexus working group looks at food & beverage industry

Thanks to strong leadership from Jeff Mackey (Franklin Energy), Steve Memory (AO Smith), Chet Kolodziej (Northern Illinois Energy Summits and Expos) and Michael Luettgen (Kohler), this spring saw the successful merger of the Industrial Energy Efficiency and Energy Water Nexus Working Groups. 

 This group met on Tuesday following M-WERC’s May member meeting and heard from Mark Siira, lead author of the Energy Water Nexus Road Map.

 The working group has decided to take an initial focus on technologies that have the capacity to save large amounts of water and energy within the food and beverage industry with plans to advance the adoption of these technologies through the creation and promotion of case studies. 

 The case studies will especially highlight how projects successfully mitigated technological, financial and performance risks to ensure the cutting-edge technologies get included in project planning and stay within the project scope as it is implemented.   

 For more information on how to get involved please contact Nate by email at

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