Technology Innovation Driven By Systems Intelligence

M-WERC’s research program combines industry insight and academic research capabilities to create a respected platform of science and technology driven innovation.

On April 5 team members held a workshop in one of its newest technology pipelines, Systems Intelligence, which is broadly defined as the convergence of data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced controls and sensing. 

“Our market research indicates that these three value propositions represent an incredible the growth opportunity in the Energy Power and Controls ecosystem,” said M-WERC’s Director of Technology Innovation Bruce Beihoff.  “We’re excited about the opportunity from our efforts in Madison. We have the right people at the table, both from an academic and a professional standpoint and are making great progress. This is only the beginning and other workshops are being planned to further engage our diverse technical and business communities in this incredibly promising opportunity.

A workshop report with over 50 concept areas and nine identified top research project opportunity areas was issued to the group.  Next steps are comments and recommendations back from the participants and the selection two or three project proposals for detailed outlining. 

Working meetings to bring them to a first funded project in the Systems Intelligence are expected to complete over the next 60 days.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Systems Intelligence pipeline or more generally about our science and technology driven innovation efforts please contact us at

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