Construction and Engineering Committee embraces new role as 'Center of Excellence'

M-WERC designed its unique working group structure to provide market insights for members. This month we are featuring the Construction and Engineering Committee which has taken on a new role as a “Center of Excellence.”

The committee will advise other working groups and member companies on how they identify can successfully incorporate these technologies into activities and actual construction projects. The committee is especially interested on large campus scale projects where new technologies can provide strategic level benefits. 

The committee is taking a deep dive by developing case studies of M-WERC member projects. The case studies will be uniquely helpful by driving new projects with a focus on mitigating risk, both technological and financial.

The case studies will feature insights into expectations and realities of technologies implemented in past projects and how that divergence was mitigated such that the technologies remained in the project scope. 

The full group met most recently on March 5 and introduced their new co-chair Chris Hayton from Clarke Energy. Chris joins Tim Baye of UW-Extension as the leadership for this working group.

The next full group meeting will be held on May 7, 2019. For information on how to get involved and what this working group is doing, please visit our website at or contact Nate Conroy by email at

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