M-WERC announces three members meetings in May, July, and October

M-WERC is excited to announce dates for our 2019 member meetings! We have scheduled Grid Modernization on May 14; Science and Technology Driven Innovation on July 18; and Talent Development on Oct. 17. All of the members meetings are on our First Floor Conference room located at our office in Milwaukee.

One of our core objectives at M-WERC is to ensure members and colleagues are provided with numerous opportunities throughout the year to attend educational, informative, and timely events that provide participants with great networking opportunities to cultivate relationships and broaden horizons.

The three members meetings on the calendar include:

Tuesday, May 14: Grid Modernization

With the conversation changing rapidly on grid modernization, this member meeting will discuss the factors surrounding technology implementation and lessons that can be learned from projects already in the market. Register here!

Friday, July 18: Science and Technology Driven Innovation

With the successful implementation of a new public-private partnership model of Technology Innovation, M-WERC is leading the way in translating science into technology and delivering innovation to Wisconsin's economy. Alongside our Academic and Industry Research Members, M-WERC is establishing three research pipelines which will leverage new funding models to pursue sponsored research projects with industry leaders. Register here!

Thursday, October 17: Talent Development

The Energy, Power, and Controls sector has been experiencing an explosion of need in skilled workers. M-WERC's WERCBench Labs Program, Prototyping Lab, and collaboration with State and Federal funding agencies has helped take necessary steps towards establishing a talent pipeline to fit these workforce needs. Join us as we discuss successes in 2019 and exciting new opportunities M-WERC will strive for in the coming years. Register here!

In addition to our member meetings schedule, we will be working group meetings, networking events, conferences, and forums soon. To see all of the 2019 events we already have scheduled, check out our events web page!

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