Member Feature: Findorff helping M-WERC reshape its Construction & Engineering working group

With offices located in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau, J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc. is one of the Midwest’s most trusted builders. From minor renovations to program management of the most sophisticated and complex facilities, Findorff is committed to bringing the highest level of service and craftsmanship to every project they build.

Like many of the members and partners at M-WERC, Findorff has reaped the benefits of collaborating and networking with thought leaders in the energy, power, and control industries.

“We have gained valuable insight into what current technology has to offer and what future potential is for emerging technologies,” said Jeff Garretson, the Director of Business Development – Southeast Wisconsin at Findorff. “This knowledge has enabled us to offer that same value to our clients when they are considering new these technologies or looking to build projects that are able to support new technology will into the future. And we know that we are just getting started with the benefits that we can capitalize on.”

In recent months, M-WERC’s Construction and Engineering working group has been involved in re-engaging members around the working group structure. As co-chair of the working group, Garretson is embracing the new role the C&E working group will play. Rather than sit on the sidelines and observe what M-WERC is doing, Garretson’s goal for Findorff with its involvement in the C&E working group is two-fold.

“First, we are part of the boots on the ground that ultimately put any new technology in place in the built environment and can bring our experience to educate the research community regarding what it takes to get technology into the discussion on projects and keep it there during value engineering,” Garretson said. “Second, we can learn a great deal from the M-WERC community and our fellow C&E working group partners about new technologies and potential incentives available to our clients. I encourage other companies in the construction or design industries to come alongside us and help make this working group a strong contributor to M-WERC’s efforts.”

Findorff’s time in Wisconsin is historic and well chronicled. In 1890, a young carpenter named John Findorff started a construction company under the name J.H. Findorff. Its first project involved carpentry work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Armory and Gymnasium, better known today as the “Red Gym.” This initial undertaking began a long tradition of Findorff constructing notable structures in southern Wisconsin including the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s LaBahn Hockey Arena, the UW Health at the American Center and many other facilities.

As time progressed, Findorff established itself as a leading builder in the Midwest. The Company has grown to employ an average of 700 people between its Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau offices. Additionally, their industry experience has earned them more than 100 awards in the past 10 years alone, recognizing their commitment to quality construction and civic initiatives.

More than 125 years after that first project, Findorff continues to be one of the top contractors in the state of Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, their office has been in the heart of the City for more than 40 years. Findorff has helped enhance the urban landscape with projects such as Henry Reuss Federal Plaza, Pettit National Ice Center, Alverno College, Marquette University, The Moderne, and Wisconsin’s first Westin Hotel, a 10-story, 220-guest hotel that focuses on wellness.

Findorff’s commitment to the success of the Milwaukee area is apparent not only in the buildings they construct, but in the relationships they cherish. M-WERC shares that approach and values its partnership on the Construction and Engineering working group with Findorff and looks forward to an even stronger relationship ahead.

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