Technology Innovation helping M-WERC members solve research problems

Exciting work focused on Technology Innovation continues at M-WERC, primarily driven from our Madison office which is located in the Grainger Institute for Engineering on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

“Our focus continues to be helping our members solve their challenging research problems,” said M-WERC Executive Director Dan Ebert.  “The core of our mission at M-WERC is to translate science into technology and deliver innovation to our members using a public private partnership model.”

Given M-WERC’s focus on the energy, power, and control sector, the three primary areas of focus include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Systems

  • Extreme Power Conversion

  • Systems Intelligence

“We’re making exciting progress in all three areas,” said Ebert.

Under the Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Systems umbrella, M-WERC’s research is focused on completely reinventing the die casting process from end to end to make Wisconsin’s die casting industry more competitive. 

“We’ve been able to identify real efficiencies for some of the partners already involved saving them millions of dollars,” said Ebert.

On the Extreme Power Conversion side, we’re excited to be able to work with Eaton, DRS, and LEM alongside teams of researchers from UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee and Marquette to begin to develop a new generation of controls and sensors.

The systems intelligence pipeline has been identified by M-WERC members as the next opportunity. “Our members understand the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence and Big Data,” said Ebert. “We’re excited about what’s to come.”

If you’re interested in learning more about either of these projects or would like information on how to get better connected to M-WERC and the work we’re doing, please contact Jordan Farrell by email at

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