M-WERC reestablishing overall goals of working groups

M-WERC’s efforts to provide our valuable market insight are rooted in the industry roadmaps we’ve produced.

As an organization member interested in this data, the last few years have resulted in a series of working groups designed to implement recommendations that came from the research.

With the start of the new year, we’ve combined some of these groups and are working to reestablish the overall goals for all working groups.

Our Industrial Energy Efficiency working group (IEE), which was one of the first working groups formed, will merge with our Energy Water Nexus (EWN) working group.

“The new structure will still allow the groups to focus on unique areas of interest and will create a more collaborative process for them to interact,” said M-WERC Executive Director Dan Ebert.

About a year ago M-WERC announced a similar merger of the Distributed Energy working group and the Energy Storage working group. “It’s worked well and we’re hoping to take that model of collaboration and continue to build on it,” said Ebert.

These two groups, along with the Smart Cities Technologies working group, will form the primary drivers of Market Insights within the Energy, Power, and Controls sector. Under this new structure, M-WERC will leverage the Public Policy Committee and the Construction/ Engineering group as thought leaders providing expert guidance to Market Insight deliverables such as conferences, case studies, and techno economic analyses.

“We’re excited about how this realignment, which is ultimately about helping our members get value in participating,” said Ebert.

For information on how to get involved and/or find out more about when these groups are meeting and the work they’re doing, please contact Nate Conroy by email at nconroy@m-werc.org.

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