Ultimate goal of TI 2.0 is to create regional research initiatives of excellence in Wisconsin

Lead by M-WERC’s Madison office, work continues on our new Technology Innovation research program. Efforts remain focused on three primary areas — advanced manufacturing and materials systems, extreme power conversion and systems intelligence. 

“The ultimate goal is to create virtual regional research initiatives of excellence in Wisconsin that can be leveraged by our members,” said M-WERC’s Director of Technology Innovation Bruce Beihoff. “It’s exciting to see the progress we’re making.”

The Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Systems Initiative is establishing a technology pipeline focused on the convergence and integration of new manufacturing processes, architectures, and functions with advanced material systems to solve extremely challenging environment and performance applications. 

This initiative is focused on advanced materials, processes, and standards that may very well revolutionize manufacturing for things like concrete, glass, plastics, wood and metal forming.  

The Extreme Power Conversion Initiative was established to create an innovation pipeline utilizing new devices, architectures, and functions to solve extremely challenging environment and performance applications. This initiative focuses on the research related to drives, controls, and sensors to transform the balance of plant and equipment used in power generation, power distribution energy storage, and industrial processes. 

The Systems Intelligence Initiative will establish a technology pipeline that develops the technological knowledge to create high value innovation by utilizing the convergence of distributed control, machine learning and adaptive optimization systems for systems to convert power, material, and data. 

New breakthroughs in Systems Intelligence will enable Smart Systems, Smart Factories, Smart Grids, and ultimately Smart Cities. Networked information will enhance competitiveness through improved productivity, and cycle time in industry and modernize infrastructure to improve tomorrow’s quality of life.  

Each Initiative of Excellence will support $1 million a year in research by 2021 and seek to develop robust research pipelines that will deliver measurable economic growth and increasing market share captured by M-WERC member companies.

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