Working Groups to reset Goals and Objectives in second half of 2018

As part of our Strategic Planning process currently underway, and based on feedback this spring from our members, M-WERC will be asking all six of our working groups to reassess their charters and scope-of-work to then reset the goals and objectives of each working group for 2018-2019. 

Each working group, led by their co-chairs, will be assess to review current focus and planned activities to ensure that all working groups are meeting their goals and the overall objective of providing “Market Insights” to our members.  We will also be working to better coordinate work between working groups and to evaluate the roles of working groups with respect to planning M-WERC events.  More info to come soon….

The current six Working Groups and their new webpages are listed here:

Are you interested in joining any of these working groups ?  If so, please reply to this e-mail.

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