Solving the tough research problems in energy and controls sector

In 2018, M-WERC is launching a revised and enhanced Technology Innovation research program (TI 2.0) seeking to assist our members in solving the tough research problems in the Energy, Powers, and Controls sector.  The rate of change in our economy today, the scale of the research problems we are trying to solve and the size of the opportunities to drive economic development around solving those problems will require a new type of research engine.  Since the Energy, Power, and Controls sector emerged in Wisconsin over 100 years ago, innovation has driven its success and allowed it to remain competitive. To continue this extraordinary record of success, the time has come to rethink research — to develop a new research engine. 

That new research engine will narrow the scope of research for M-WERC to three primary areas — advanced manufacturing, extreme power conversion and systems intelligence.  The pilot project for this new research engine has been in the advanced manufacturing area and key research members have now agreed to work together to apply that pilot approach to extreme conversion.  Conversations with members interested in systems intelligence are continuing and we are planning on holding the next TI Committee meeting in September to announce the details.  More information will be coming soon, but feel free to contact Dan Ebert ( or Bruce Beihoff at ( for more information.

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