M-WERC White Paper: Technology as an enabler of grid modernization

In front of a sold-out crowd during the second day of the Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum in Milwaukee, the Midwest Energy Research Consortium’s Distributed Energy/ Energy Storage working group introduced a White Paper looking at the market potential of Distributed Energy (DE), Energy Storage (ES), and Microgrids (MG) and the policy implications for each. M-WERC’s White Paper recognizes how these three market and technology areas are interrelated. 

The potential market opportunities for these technologies has been documented in two of the M-WERC Strategic Roadmaps completed in recent years. Results from the Strategic Roadmaps have indicated very significant national and global market opportunities for M-WERC member companies around these technologies. Economics are increasingly important drivers for DE and ES growth.

As the costs of renewable energy generating systems, especially wind energy and solar energy, continue to decrease and are approaching grid parity – they have become attractive alternatives to traditional sources of electricity.

The growth of DE, ES, and MG technologies may be accelerated or hindered by energy regulations and policies that vary among national, state, and local jurisdictions. For M-WERC members and other suppliers of products and services in the energy, power, and controls sector, the challenge is how to supply and sell their products and services and thrive across an irregular patchwork of regulated and unregulated markets worldwide.

While other states experiment with new business models that may or may not succeed, Wisconsin has had success with a regulated utility business model and M-WERC members are looking for opportunities to deploy DE, ES, and MG technologies in the current regulatory and policy construct.

To get involved, contact us at info@m-werc.org.

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