Energy Innovation Center Sees New Activities, New Capabilities, and New Tenants

M-WERC’s Energy Innovation Center is being developed in 2018 with a series of new buildout activities, new capabilities, and new tenants. M-WERC recently hired Vito Gervasi as our Lab Supervisor for the Energy Innovation Center in December and he is helping to coordinate the development of the facility, starting with the second floor this year.  

“We are now in position to expand our capacity on many fronts in the Energy Innovation Center,” said Gervasi. “We have a beautiful industrial space with top-of-the-line electronics diagnostic equipment, work-shop capabilities, and more recently, a laboratory safety plan and safety procedures.”

Thanks to new equipment purchases and members sharing machine capacity and expertise, the initial Lab and Prototype Space is nearing completion and other lab and training facilities are being considered for the Energy Innovation Center second floor buildout this year. The goal for this phase of Energy Innovation Center buildout activities is to support the WERCBench Labs program and to expand the list of tenants and members in their new product development and their prototyping and light manufacturing activities. Future lab equipment will be added in the coming months with a focus on new prototyping capabilities including laser cutting and engraving, sheet-metal forming, welding, thermoforming, CNC-milling, and other equipment.

If you know of any companies or individuals who would benefit from taking space in the Energy Innovation Center for their lab and prototyping needs, please contact Vito Gervasi at

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