Second Annual M-WERC Energy Storage Event Expands to Two Days

Building on the success of the first Energy Storage Conference that the M-WERC Distributed Energy / Energy Storage working group organized a year ago, this second conference expands to two full days. We are partnering with an organization in Chicago to make this a regional event. Click here to learn more.  With major announcements on Energy Storage pricing and installation occurring every week, this conference will be a timely update for M-WERC members on a variety of energy storage topics, including the significant FERC ruling recently.
Interested in presenting at this event? We are seeking presenters to speak at this event in the following Energy Storage (ES) topical areas:

  • ES Market Projections
  • Case Studies – Midwest
  • Case Studies -- National
  • ES Integration and Interconnection
  • ES and Transportation – PHEV & V2G
  • ES Systems Policies
  • Technologies – Advances in Research
  • Energy Storage and Solar Power
  • Energy Storage Systems – Manufacturing and Materials
  • Utility Perspectives on Energy Storage

The first 100 M-WERC Members that register will be able to attend for free if they register before May 11th.  More information and registration can be found here.

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