M-WERC working groups are plotting and planning for 2019 and beyond

M-WERC’s working groups play an essential role in our approach to drive leading-edge research and technology development, resulting in innovative products, market leadership, employment opportunities, and vibrant technology transfer. Below is a quick glance of what our working groups have been up to this fall.

Policy Committee

In December, the working group will discuss committee tasks and goals for 2019, and how to refocus and adapt strategy following the election in early November. The committee will continue to discuss plans for the next policy forum and plans to schedule it for early 2019.

Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Working Group

Our November meeting included discussions throughout the EPC sector as it relates to Industrial Energy Efficiency. The group continues to analyze how to best collaborate with organizations across the sector, and plan for the upcoming year’s working group activities. The working group is preparing the next SEE Workshop session to look at advancements in industrial energy efficiency and support members in the implementation of energy efficiency products.

Construction & Engineering (C&E) Working Group

In order to refocus its mission and align with the new M-WERC strategic plan, the Construction & Engineering working group didn’t meet recently. The working group leadership continues to discuss how the group will refocus and move forward through the rest of the year and into 2019.

Energy Water Nexus (EWN) Working Group

The working Group successfully hosted the Energy Water Nexus Technical Conference on Driving Savings in Manufacturing at Marquette University in Milwaukee. The conference had leading members from across academic institutions and leading companies in the field. Keynote speakers from ACEEE and EPRI discussed the efficiency benefits of the EWN. The group continues to focus on the ability for energy and cost savings through energy and water, and the advancements that can be made to help M-WERC’s industrial members. The group will continue these discussions as we look forward to 2019.

Distributed Energy/ Energy Storage (DE/ES) Working Group

The group’s third annual Microgrids conference in October was extremely successful. At the conference, we brought together leading industry members, governmental agencies, and nonprofits to have a forward-thinking conversation about microgrids and potential strategies for implementation at various stages of the process. The group also got a firsthand look at the microgrid at Bubolz Nature Preserve, known as the “most innovative microgrid in the Midwest.” Following the conference, the group will set goals for 2019, including discussions across distributed energy, energy storage, and microgrids.

Smart Cities Technologies (SCT) Working Group

The SCT working group looks forward the release of the City of Milwaukee’s strategy report produced by the City Strategy subcommittee with feedback from this larger group in July. The working group leadership continues to work with the city following from this document. The group continues to look to 2019 and focus goals around the Smart Cities project within Milwaukee, as well as get connected with other cities interested in implementing smart cities technologies.

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