Wisconsin Jobs Project Report

Just prior to our member meeting in Madison last week, a report was released on the potential for significant jobs growth in the energy sector, specifically in the sensors and controls section for advanced energy. M-WERC was a contributor to the report and we see our member companies well-positioned to lead industry expansion.  The report is titled, “The Wisconsin Jobs Project: A Guide to Creating Jobs in Sensors & Controls for Advanced Energy” and can be downloaded here.

The report, created by the American Jobs Project in partnership with the Wisconsin Energy Institute and M-WERC outlines how Wisconsin could capitalize on its strengths in sensors and controls for the advanced energy industry to drive economic growth.

“This report offers continued validation of the growth potential in the broad Energy, Power, and Controls sector that we represent, in this case in the specific areas of sensors and controls,” said M-WERC Chief Operating Officer Jeff Anthony. “A number of our member companies that comprise M-WERC have advanced technology offerings in sensors and controls, and the potential for the growth in those technologies is substantial. As the report notes, Wisconsin’s sensors and controls industry could support an average of 44,000 jobs each year through 2030. Our member companies are obviously very interested in this growth potential.”
M-WERC will continue to pursue the opportunities identified in this report through our working groups and as part of a new Workforce Development initiative we are launching in 2018.  Stand by for more information on that soon.


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