2018 M-WERC Events

As we head into 2018 we’re excited to build on what proved to be an aggressive programing schedule for members this past year.  As we look forward we’re committed to planning our events farther in advance so that we can arrange for speakers and topic much earlier and so that you our members can get these on your calendar for the entire year.

We have spent time consulting with our members and have checked various industry websites to avoid conflicting events whenever possible, but if you see a conflict with any events listed below, please let us know immediately. 

2018 M-WERC Events:

  • January 25    M-WERC Member Meeting - covering Grid Modernization and Smart Grid topics (Madison, WI)
  • April 19         M-WERC Member Meeting – covering Energy Efficiency and the City of Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge (Milwaukee, WI)
  • May 22          Energy-Water Nexus Technical Conference (Milwaukee, WI)
  • June 12-13     Energy Storage Systems Technical Conference (Milwaukee, WI)
  • July 19          M-WERC Member Meeting – covering Smart Cities and Internet of Things (Madison, WI)
  • October 18     M-WERC Member Meeting / 2018 Technology Symposium (Milwaukee, WI)
  • November 14  Microgrids Technical Conference (Chicago, IL)
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