TI 2.0 Update

Work continues to redefine and recast the M-WERC technology research program, the Technology Innovation (TI) program. The TI program is M-WERC’s research & development program for the energy power and controls sector and was the original program on which M-WERC was formed in 2009. 

The program combines industry and academic insight and research capabilities to drive knowledge and technology development for its member companies and universities in the energy, power, and controls. 

The TI Committee met on December 19 and approved a plan to focus on two specific TI Pipelines in 2018. These areas of focus include power conversion systems as well as a combination of control systems architecture and control and data systems.

These two pipelines will enable a continuum of precompetitive research on key cross cutting technologies including:

  • Drive technologies
  • Sensors and advanced data architecture systems
  • Smart Grid and smart factory systems
  • Smart Cities and the evolving internet of things

A series of workshops will be scheduled soon to explore these two pipelines and to select specific research projects via a request for participation within the next 2-3 months. The TI Committee will also soon be selecting pipeline leaders and subject matter experts in the coming weeks. The next TI Committee meeting will take place on March 20 where the draft RFP will be reviewed and finalized before being issued.

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