Market Insights


The Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) provides members with valuable market insights that help drive economic development in our industry and in Wisconsin.

We help companies in the Energy, Power, and Controls (EPC) sector understand where research gaps exist, which technologies will “win” and are worth investing in and how quickly those markets will develop. This comprehensive technology vetting process gives our members a strategic roadmap — and the chance to find their place in it — for the future of grid modernization, energy efficiency, distributed energy resources, and other areas of focus in the sector.

Our roadmaps:

  • Serve as action plans for how M-WERC and the Energy, Power, and Controls sector can accelerate economic development.

  • Highlight potential partnerships

  • Offer market insights and drivers

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing
    the Energy, Power, and Controls sector.


Mission: Reduce energy demand, water demand and greenhouse gasses by championing the business case for energy and water efficiency through proven and emerging technologies within commercial, industrial, and institutional settings.


Mission: M-WERC members involved directly in engineering and construction activities collaborate on topics of common interest to advance the market and industry development of construction and engineering.


Mission: Bring together M-WERC members and other service and technology providers from around the region and country to enable growth of smart cities technologies in Milwaukee and later expand to other cities in the M-WERC’s footprint.


Mission: Expand and focus the market and industry development efforts of M-WERC members and partners in the interrelated fields of Distributed Energy Resources and Systems (DERS) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) by leveraging industry roadmaps and proactively influencing new opportunities in both technology innovation and market and industry expansion areas.


Mission:   Focus on the identification, education, and dissemination of information related to local, state, regional, and federal policy issues that impact the energy, power, and controls industry and are of potential interest to M-WERC member companies.