The Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Working Group has been very active recently, meeting monthly during this period.

New representatives from Xcel Energy and WMEP joined the group.          Significant progress was made on group action items, including:

  • Planning an Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference targeting small  to medium sized business owners. The conference, “Building the    Business Case for Energy and Resource Efficiency”, will be held in mid 2017.
  •  Planning an Industrial Energy Efficiency Sales Training Seminar    targeting both potential customers and vendors. The training    program, called “Selling Energy Efficiency” has been developed by    Franklin Energy in conjunction with the IEE-WG and M-WERC and will be offered in 2017.
  •   Developing a collaborative business model partnership between select members of the IEE WG. The partnership between Franklin Energy, WE Energies, and WMEP is currently in the final stage of development and running a pilot test.
  • The IEE WG will be expanding during 2017, particularly by adding    additional Utility and IEE Contractor members.

         To learn more about joining the IEE WG, contact

John Bobrowich at M-WERC.

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