IEE WG Launches Impactful 2017 Programming

The 1st Q of 2017 was very productive for the IEE WG. The organization dramatically increased its outreach by launching both its new, proprietary, sales training course, “Selling Energy Efficiency” and its new IEE WG Website. Both of these activities were designed to expand the tool set available to both suppliers and customers in the IEE space in a targeted effort to increase the number of projects funded and implemented. The IEE WG’s mission is to double the number of IEE projects in the next 5 years.

During March and April, the IEE WG ran both a final beta test and launch session of “Selling Energy Efficiency”. The new one day workshop was developed by Franklin Energy and the IEE WG, is designed to improve the sales productivity by providing a much deeper insight into high impact sales processes, the needs of the four major buying influences (Economic, User, Technical and Commercial) and the multiple, stacked,  value streams (direct, indirect and ego) they evaluate. The opportunity to apply the new tools and insight in the workshop to participant’s real life sales challenges relevant to real EE opportunities made the program very valuable to participant’s.   The workshop was led by the IEE WG Co-Leader Steve Hiersche, who has nearly 20 years of SEE applied experience.  Feedback from participants was extremely positive with members requesting additional sessions of the new Workshop. The IEE WG is now exploring up to three workshops in Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire and potentially one in Rockford, IL. The course is ideal for Utilities, Consultants, Trade Allies and small to medium IEE customers. The Workshop development and training was funded by both WMEP and M-WERC.

The new IEE WG website (www.mwerc-iee-wg.org) was designed to be a one stop portal for both small to medium sized manufacturers and to our IEE WG members. The site offers a single platform which brings together multiple tools, reports and activites from IEE WG members and partners. The platform is designed to make it fast, convenient and easy for small to medium industrials to explore IEE options, applications and case studies and to connect with our IEE WG community. The new website was developed and maintained by IEE WG member, Chet Kolodziej. As the oldest M-WERC working group, the new IEE WG portal is M-WERC’s first WG website and will be a great learning tool for both our customers and our members. The website also acts as a one-stop member’s portal for IEE WG members enabling simple access to the IEE WG’s member monthly meeting notes, planning documents, meeting  schedule and other tools. This platform will make like easier and more productive for both our users and members.

Finally, IEE WG is now planning its first Symposium entitled the “Business Case for Energy Resource Efficiency” The full day event will be held on September 21 at M-WERC.  This conference, geared for owners, executives and key decision makers of small-mid size manufacturers will cover case studies and propositions on case studies, leveraging external resources, and smart investments. The case studies will be presented by several Wisconsin small to med-size manufacturers who have made attractive investments in IEE. Presentations will also be made by utilities and a number of leading WI IEE WG member organizations. Mark your calendars today. Registration will open on June 15.

Nate ConroyCurrent News