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Action Plan

The EWN WG has established an action plan for FY2017/18 and preliminary action plans for FY2018/19 and 2019/20 based on the suggested action plan in the EWN Industry Road map and the mutual interests of the working group as formalized through meetings and a membership survey.

Planned Working Group Meeting Dates - 2019

2/12/2019 Co-Chair Meeting 

3/12/2019 Full Group Meeting 

4/9/2019 Co-Chair Meeting (Potential Council Meeting) 

5/14/2019 Full Group Meeting 

6/11/2019 Co-Chair Meeting 

7/9/2019 Full Group Meeting 

8/13/2019 Co-Chair Meeting (Potential Council Meeting) 

9/10/2019 Full Group Meeting 

10/15/2019 Co-Chair Meeting 

11/12/2019 Full Group Meeting 

12/10/2019 Co-Chair Meeting (Potential Council Meeting)


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