Action Plan

Objective # 1–Complete a technoeconomic analysis based on the roadmaps previously produced by M-WERC.

Objective # 2–Finalize process and begin detailed case study analyses of M-WERC members projects.

Objective # 3–Continued Outreach & Education of M-WERC members on DE, ES, and Microgrids.



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Planned Working Group Meeting Dates - 2019

2/5/2019 Co-Chair Meeting 

3/5/2019 Full Group Meeting 

4/2/2019 Co-Chair Meeting (Potential Council Meeting) 

5/7/2019 Full Group Meeting 

6/4/2019 Co-Chair Meeting 

7/2/2019 Full Group Meeting 

8/6/2019 Co-Chair Meeting (Potential Council Meeting) 

9/3/2019 Full Group Meeting 

10/8/2019 Co-Chair Meeting 

11/5/2019 Full Group Meeting 

12/3/2019 Co-Chair Meeting (Potential Council Meeting)


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