Distributed Energy/Energy Storage

Purpose:   The purpose of the M-WERC Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Working Group is to expand and focus the market and industry development efforts of M-WERC members and partners in the interrelated fields of Distributed Energy Resources and Systems (DERS) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

 As two very critical and high-potential technology growth sectors in the energy, power, and controls (EPC) sectors, M-WERC members and partners who are actively engaged in these areas will be provided a forum to collaborate, advance, and track activities in the industry in these technology areas.  M-WERC members will be able to  proactively advance the market and industry development for DERS and ESS, leverage M-WERC industry roadmaps, and influence new opportunities  in both Technology Innovation and Market and Industry Expansion areas.

The Working Group will establish a Vision and related core Missions to ensure that M-WERC member companies use this working group as a forum to ensure members in good standing are provided with timely information to maintain the Midwest as a leader for technology innovation in the areas of DERS and ESS for the region.

Scope of Work:

The Working Group will convene and create an action plan for each calendar year implements the Charter. This will include determining activities to inform and educate M-WERC members on the latest strategies and technology advancement in these areas, as well as identifying areas where other M-WERC resources can be utilized to address issue of interest to the Working Group.

The Working Group will assess the needed programming, support materials, processes and activities to accelerate DERS and ESS technologies and project development activities across the region.  Specific targets, milestones, or objectives may be developed by the Working Group as part of developing the first year Action Plan.

In particular, the Working Group will be specifically tasked with helping to update the Strategic Roadmaps that M-WERC has separately completed on DERS and ESS.  The DERS Strategic Roadmap was completed in 2013 and the ES Strategic Roadmap was completed in early 2015.  The Working Group will be tasked with identifying ways to maintain both roadmaps by updating and refreshing in an ongoing manner, using M-WERC staff and consultant resource effectively.

The Working Group will also evaluate ways to support and interact with the “Century City Microgrid Project” being undertaken by We Energies, EPRI, and M-WERC in the Century City Business Park.  The Working Group will function as an “interest group” in this regard, receiving updates and pertinent information to keep interested members advised on progress occurring on this specific project, which was generated by a recommendation from the DERS Strategic Roadmap.

The working group will also coordinate with other M-WERC committees and working groups as appropriate.

Leadership: The Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Working Group is led by two co-chairs from M-WERC member companies, and facilitated and organization by M-WERC Staff.  The co-chairs will be selected by an organizing group of M-WERC members that will convene each year.

            Current Co-Chairs:

  • Paul Poblocki, Johnson Controls
  • Adel Nasiri, UWM

            M-WERC Staff:        

  • Jeff Anthony
  • John Bobrowich

Regular Meetings:

The M-WERC Distributed Energy/Energy Storage Working Group meets the third Thursday of every month, either at an in-person meeting or a conference call.  M-WERC members should join these meetings/calls if interested in learning more about the Working Group or contact us at: membership@m-werc.org

How to Get Involved:

The M-WERC Distributed Energy/Energy Storage Working Group is open to members of the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) as well as partner organizations of M-WERC.  Membership options exist for companies large and small, academic organizations, non-profits / NGOs, as well as individuals and entrepreneurial start-ups.  If interested in learning more about M-WERC membership or specific questions on the Distributed Energy/Energy Storage Working Group, please contact us at:  membership@m-werc.org.


M-WERC Member Distributed Energy/Energy Storage Content

M-WERC DE/ES – members-only documents (COMING SOON)

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